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Democraticn9445dsDate: Wednesday, 13.06.2012, 19:23 | Message # 316
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</b>or his life, he would rather blame others. Nothing goes well for this person- or if ever something good does- he'll just shelve it and wait for the next big problem.The Complainer.The complainer likes to hear his own voice. He constantly complains about what isn't working in his life and yet gets energy from complaining and dumping his frustrations on you. You are updated on his family woes, financial woes and all other problems he might encounter. Bad vibes all the time. This type of abrasive personality's greatest conversation is one with himself but he always likes to have an audience- and sadly that's you.The Drainer.So you start your day with the biggest smile on your face, then you run across your abrasive friend who just sucks the life out of you. This is the needy person who calls to ask for your guidance, support, information, advice, or whatever she needs to feel better in the moment. B
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</b>love being back." E-mail: srossIt's 3 a.m. and 1,000 degrees in the Texas desert. Tom Berenger, stealth machine, freaky mountain cat, draws a bead on the enemy's barracks as he creeps through the underbrush. The open window is 4 feet off the ground andwhoosh!he pole-vaults through it in one fluid motion. Then he opens fire. Boom! The enemy force scatters, grabbing its weapons in the dark. But it's too late. It's ... It's...Not even a movie. It's how Berenger drove his co-stars straight up the wall last month before shooting on "Rough Riders" ever began.The actor, who's provided the spook factor in "Platoon," "Betrayed" and "Looking for Mr. Goodbar," felt boot-camp-type tactics would be good preparation for a movie about Teddy Roosevelt's assault on San Juan Hill. But there was a madness to his Method, and fellow actors Chris Noth, Brian Keith and Gary Busey protested to the producer. Unfortunate
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</b>bridge Terrace, said he heard people yelling for help and ran outside, where he found Selena Sanclemente, 35, lying injured on the sidewalk, unable to speak in more than a whisper. "My children, my children," she was moaning, Hargrove said. "I stayed with her, but I couldn't hold her hand because it was so badly burned." Firefighters who plunged into the inferno quickly found 2-year-old Sachiel Sanclemente and took her out of a top-floor window. But her brother, Sam Sanclemente Jr., remained hidden and it was eight minutes before firefighters found him unconscious in a rear bedroom on the top floor. He was rushed to Montefiore Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. "He was wrapped in a curtain, evidentlying to get out of a window, and got caught up in it," said Assistant Chief Joseph Callan, the Bronx borough commander. "We feel that <was>what] delayed discovery in the almost zero . . . vi

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</b>seems contenting to make history and help the Trojans become the first team in the modern era to win three consecutive national championships. "Being in college is the best time in your life," he says. "There is something special going on at USC and I didn't want to give that up. I'm having fun here. It's all part of growing up, all part of being a kid and I wasn't about to pass that up. "A lot of people said they didn't envy me being in that situation. In a way, it was great position to be in, but on the other hand, it was one of the biggest decisions of my life. . . . The next level is business. I'm playing for passion and for the love of the game. Sometimes, I just kind of look around and think it's cool being in the position I'm in. Yeah, life right now is pretty good." USC football is huge on the West Coast, in large part because there is no NFL franchise in Los Angeles. The first day of pra
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</b>councilman has denied any wrongdoing. The Espadas disclosed they secretly video taped a May 23 meeting between Rosado and Councilman Espada at the councilman's Mott Haven office. Using a miniature camera hidden in a painting, Councilman Espada captured Rosado making several references to the behind-the-scenes Bronx politics. At one point, Rosado indicates that if Espada's father does not challenge him for his Senate seat and proves it by not filing petitions by the July 15 deadline, the investigation of the Espadas "will chill out." "It's all politics. It all goes away on July 15 at midnight," Rosado said. Ramirez yesterday defended Johnson as a man of the highest integrity and blasted the Espadas for secretly video taping a fellow politician. Rosado acknowledgeding to dissuade Espada's father from running against him and indicating that the investigation might "chill out" if he didn't run. He
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</b>good in others and respect other viewpoints, beliefs and lifestyles. Even ones that do not make sense to you. This flexibility is important if you are to respect the other person.His last three points, tie into the first. How to win friends and influence people is a book that reminds us that anything you do from a place of fellowship will have a good result. He uses this fable to prove his point: The sun and the wind were arguing about who was the strongest. The wind pointed at an old man. The wind said that he'd prove his strength by getting the man to remove his coat. He blew and howled and blew some more. The old man clung to his coat more than ever. When the wind finally gave up, the sun came out from behind a cloud and shone brightly. Soon the man was wiping his forehead and removing his coat.To get the kind of web site you want, you have to clearly communicate to your designer what you wan

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</b>that, polls show, most New Yorkers have in his ability to keep the city safe. dsaltonstallMAYOR BLOOMBERG will host a fund-raiser for Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut at his upper East Side townhouse on Nov. 1, aides confirmed yesterday. Bloomberg, a Republican, will serve as co-chairman of the event, along with two other prominent New Yorkers: former Sen. Al D'Amato, a Republican, and former Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat. Bloomberg also will headline a fund-raiser on Lieberman's behalf in Chicago on Oct. 25. Last month, Lieberman, a three-term incumbent and the Democratic Party's vice presidential nominee in 2000, lost to businessman Ned Lamont by 10,117 votes in the Democratic primary. Lieberman is running as an independent now, and will face Lamont and Republican challenger Alan Schlesinger in the Nov. 7 general election. Dan Gerstein, Lieberman's communications director, said of Bloomberg:
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</b>g and waking is totally altered. Some people tend to sleep early and wake up early in the morning and some cannot sleep early and as a consequence, wakes up late. These and other sleep-related problems are manifestations of a malfunctioning biological circadian clock and characterize several forms of Circadian Rhythm Syndrome. Circadian activity is a unique by 24-hour period or cycles in which our body is physically patterned. 24-hour vs. 25-hour cycleEarth rotates around the sun in a 24-hour cycle, so as our body functions in this 24-hour time schedule. All living organisms charismatically subscribe to this cyclic resting and activity patterns so that their body could function in sync with the environment in which they live. Although humans externally operate under a 24-hour environment, research found that our body clocks evidently works significantly different than what we see in the environm

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acnzqkybhsxDate: Wednesday, 13.06.2012, 23:22 | Message # 320
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Republicy4823dyDate: Thursday, 14.06.2012, 00:01 | Message # 321
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</b>ance that was solid gold, not tinsel, David Reid won a world title in his 12th pro fight last night with a unanimous 12-round decision over the solid brass of France's Laurent Boudouani. By official scores of 118-112, 117-112 and 117-111 (the last agreeing with the Daily News card), the lone 1996 U.S. Olympic boxing champion dominated a veteran who had not lost since 1993 to capture the WBA junior middleweight title. "It was just like winning the gold medal," said the American Dream from North Philadelphia, now 12-0 with 7 KOs. There were no knockdowns but Reid almost had Boudouani down in the ninth round with a left hook. Boudouani's legs were going in what the French used to call "toutes azimuthes"all directions. Reid said he went for the knockout, but the man from the French Alpsnow 38-3-1was able to escape. Reid was in control with his left jab and lead rights to the body. With lateral movem
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</b>lers with lower prices. Newsday yesterday expressed confidence in its "legal position." Meanwhile, a ruling on the restraining order is still due.Paul D. Colford Keeping lid of orange juice . Orange juice retailers are not expected to raise prices after Hurricane Charley ripped through Florida's citrus groves earlier this month because they need to maintain their share of the market, juice industry sources said. Charley hammered key citrus growing regions, stripping the maturing fruit and uprooting trees in the state's $9.1 billion citrus industry. Sources said leading juice retailers like Tropicana, wholly owned by PepsiCo, and Minute Maid, a unit of Coca-Cola, feel that raising prices after the disaster is counter-productive.Reuters Staying below 6% . Rates nationwide on 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages averaged 5.82%, up slightly from last week's 5.81% rate and staying below the 6% level for
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</b>wn to one or two plays. "We have a huge challenge ahead of us," Chad Pennington said. "Obviously, we didn't play well and I didn't play well the last time we played Pittsburgh, so those questions will be asked once again. And we'll handle those things and take care of business and go up there ready to play because we're playing the best team in the AFC." Is Edwards, who rarely shows emotion during games, feeling the pressure? His blowup with running backs coach Bishop Harris in San Diego was as intense as it was out of character. It wasn't Buddy Ryan taking a swing at Kevin Gilbride, but it wasn't two players arguing over a blown coverage, either. It doesn't set a good example when the coach loses his poise, but it wasn't the worst thing. This is serious business in January. After four years of his high-energy preaching in team meetings, Edwards, always under control during a game, brought that
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[/b]zucht extremismus.% a ich habe zu glauben, sie wird in die soziale sicherheit wiegen, sagte ornstein. you got zu glauben. es wre verrückt, wenn sie nicht. % asoziale sicherheit reform front-und center in bushs zweiter amtszeit tagesordnung. er hat 14 staaten seit seinem amtsantritt reisten die unterstützung der ffentlichkeit und der druck für einen umbau zu frdern, was den weg laufen hat gewaltige opposition auf beiden seiten des ganges auf dem capitol hill.% adas verwaltung und sozialversicherung aktuare, sagen die pay-as-you-go-system wird im jahr 2042 insolvent inmitten einer demographischen zeitbombe,
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[/b]b der nationalversammlung komplex und die us-botschaft gebude im zentrum von seoul, um gegen die truppe versand plan zu protestieren. einige demonstranten kletterten auf einem polizei-bus und skandierten: stoppt den krieg! und wir sind gegen truppen lieferbar!% awith parlamentswahlen nur etwa ein jahr weg, bedrohten einige bürger-und arbeits-gruppen zu einem no-vote-kampagne gegen die gesetzgeber, die für den antrag stimmen bühne. anear% der anti-kriegs-protest in vor dem parlamentsgebude, rund 1.000 korean war veterans und pro-us aktivisten inszeniert eine kundgebung und forderte eine rasche entsendung
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[/b]s gibt lehren, die aus wie mi5 arbeitet gelernt werden, aber ich glaube nicht, dass du gehst um zu sehen, eine hnliche organisation in diesem land entwickelt werden. % abritain keine geschriebene verfassung. es ist mi-5, die heimische quivalent der auslndischen nachrichtendienst mi-6, hat im laufe der jahre stark in der bekmpfung aktivitten in grobritannien von der irisch-republikanischen armee und ihre sympathisanten beteiligt gewesen.% aspeculation über die schpfung eines us-quivalent entstanden früher über ridge besuch in grobritannien mit mi-5 beamten und reportagen zu treffen, dass die federal bureau o
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[/b]u führen. % aahalt sieht drei verbesserungen, die von den blue collar initiative entstehen werden. es wird produkte schneller einführen, einführen bessere produkte und machen diese produkte mehr profitabel, sagte ahalt. drei vorteile: geschwindigkeit, qualitt und kosten.livermore, kalifornien, 25. mrz (upi) - die ibm blue gene / l, der schnellste supercomputer der welt , hat seinen eigenen geschwindigkeits-weltrekord gebrochen, sagte us- informatiker % adas maschine erreicht 135,5 teraflops oder billionen rechenoperationen pro sekunde . , in seiner neuesten testlauf. die leistung in etwa verdoppelt seine frü
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[/b]s kühlmittel und moderator . die beiden reaktoren erzeugen nun 160 mw, die der nuclear power corp of india ltd verkauft an staatlichen stromversorgers huser.new delhi , 17. februar (upi) - indien am freitag bekrftigt, dass er eine gaspipeline von iran nach indien über pakistan % a lassen sie mich in diesem zusammenhang , dass wir die geplanten iran -pakistan-indien gas sind verpflichtet, zu bekrftigen. pipeline , premierminister manmohan singh sagte parlament. die wirtschaftlichkeit dieses projekt befindet sich derzeit unter professioneller untersuchung durch international renommierte berater. dies ist ein no
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</b>s whose mugshots already are posted on the state Web site. Another key feature of the measure is that police will now be able to tell neighbors about "low risk" creeps - branded as Level 1s - living near them. "This information will now be more readily available so parents can protect their children," said Senate Deputy Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Nassau), a prime sponsor of the move to expand the rogues' gallery of fiends on the Internet. New York has been one of the nation's weakest states when it comes to doling out sex offender information to the public, said Laura Ahearn, founder of a New York-based advocacy group called Parents for Megan's Law. "A sex offender is a sex offender, and this will finally equip communities with the tools they need to protect people," she told the Daily News. Gov. Pataki is expected to sign the measure into law. Meanwhile, the lame-duck governor tried to push
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</b>entrance to the W. 96th St. station on Broadway, cops said. Morales and four pals got into a verbal dispute with two men on a southbound No. 2 train, investigators and witnesses said. The argument erupted in bloodshed when they all got off at the station. "They was grillin' us on the train," said one of Morales' friends, "but nobody expected this. "I thought the guy just hit him," he said, "but then I saw the blood."A 16-YEAR-OLD BOY was stabbed to death in a knife fight yesterday in the Bronx, police said. Raymond Thomas, of West Farms, was stabbed three times in the stomach and back at the corner of Southern Blvd. and Westchester Ave. about 2:15 p.m. Paramedics loaded the boy into an ambulance and rushed him to Lincoln Hospital. He was pronounced dead at the hospital at 5:56 p.m. Witnesses said Thomas also was packing a blade during the confrontation with at least three other teens in Longwood.
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</b>sprinted into the housing project. "I'm saying, 'Are you all right? Are you all right?' " the witness said. "The neighborhood was scrambling." The woman was rushed to Lincoln Hospital, where she was pronounced dead a short time later. The motive for the brazen shooting remained a mystery late yesterday, and it was not immediately known whether the dead woman was the gunman's intended target, investigators said.A woman was killed and four people injured early yesterday in a horrific high-speed car crash just outside the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel in lower Manhattan, police said. The 12:28 a.m. accident sent a Mitsubishi Eclipse careening off a pole and a fence before smashing into a building wall. Police charged the driver, who was among the injured, with criminally negligent homicide, driving while intoxicated and reckless endangerment in the accident.The sports car had just exited the tunnel onto

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</b>cut package of up to $450 billion - less than President Bush wants but more than GOP moderates are calling for, a key Republican said yesterday. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), the Finance Committee chairman, said "it might not be difficult" for lawmakers to hammer out a tax relief bill above the Senate's $350 billion cap if Congress closes corporate tax loopholes. The President will also have to give up some things in his $550 billion plan, Grassley said. "I can say flat out, it's going to be difficult to get to $550 <billion>," Grassley told "Fox News Sunday." A defiant Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio), a moderate, vowed to oppose any tax cut of more than $350 billion, calling anything higher "fiscally irresponsible." "Anybody that knows George Voinovich knows that when I say something, I mean it," Voinovich told NBC. "We need a shot in the arm to the economy, but we don't need to shoot ourselves
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</b>ctice, the Trojans' flagship radio station broadcast live from Heritage Hall for 12 hours. The expectations are always huge, but Leinart has learned to go with the flow. "Aside from Kobe (Bryant), he's probably the most recognizable sports figure in Southern California," says Steve Sarkisian, the Trojans' assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach. Leinart threw out the first pitch at a Dodgers and Angels game. He has spoken to U. 1Lyrics from "Unbelievable," the first single from Biggie Smalls' "Ready to Die" album."Buckshots out the sunroofs of Lexus coupes Leave no witnesses/ What you think this is? Ain't no amateurs here/ I damage and tear Emcees fear me/ They're too near not to hear me clearly I'm the triple bean dream/ 1,000 grams of uncut to the gut It seems f---d up the way I touched up the grill Trying to play gorilla when you ain't no killer The gat's by your liver/ Your upper lip
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</b>Hosni Mubarak and King Abdullah of Jordan sought to keep Arafat and Barak at the table. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and European Union Foreign Affairs chief Javier Solana joined the others at a horseshoe-shaped table. The leaders met in various combinations in the morning, then all seven gathered for lunch, followed by one-on-one meetings in the afternoon. Clinton met three times each during the day with Barak and Arafat. In a stark reminder of how dire the Mideast situation is, two Palestinians, including a 15-year-old boy, were killed by Israeli gunfire yesterday in the deadliest violence in four days. In several areas, troops responded to fire from Palestinian gunmen leading large protest marches against a renewal of contacts with Israel. Meanwhile, the U.S. was looking into claims by Hezbollah guerrillas that an Israeli businessman they kidnapped in Switzerland was actually an Israeli Ar

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[/b]efuge exclusif dans les cara茂bes, o霉 il a pass茅 le nouvel an 禄. retour au travail demain. livr茅 脿 rester immobile!禄 dit un autre mensagem.ele 茅galement fait l'茅loge de michael bloomberg , maire de new york, et rick santorum, candidat 脿 la pr茅sidence des 茅tats-unis pour le parti r茅publicain. le magnat de la a 茅t茅 montr茅 茅galement optimiste quant 脿 l'茅conomie mondiale, happy 2012. quoi de mieux que tous les experts pr茅disent. doit 锚tre! tout doit changer afin qu'ils cr茅ent des emplois pour tous, en particulier pour les jeunes.new york - nouvelles corp . james murdoch nomm茅 directeur adjoint de l'op茅ra es , ainsi que directeur g茅n茅ral et pr茅sident de la soci茅t茅 nouvelles . international . murdoch , qui 茅tait d茅j
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[/b]alement en avance sur la conf茅rence que la 芦fracture num茅rique fait partie int茅grante de la fracture de d茅veloppement plus large.% a politiques am茅liorer et institutions pour encourager l'investissement dans ( applications de la technologie d'information r茅seau) tout en 茅tendant l'acc猫s aux infrastructures de t茅l茅communications peuvent consid茅rablement 茅tendre l'utilisation du e-commerce 脿 un niveau donn茅 de revenu par habitant. cela souligne l'importance tant du programme de r茅forme des t茅l茅communications de base ainsi que d'un effort plus large visant 脿 am茅liorer le climat pour les e-d茅veloppement 禄, a indiqu茅 la banque. acertainly%, il n'ya aucun doute que les nations en d茅veloppement pourraient b茅n茅ficier d'un me
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[/b]s mus茅es 禄, hermansdorfer said.the mus茅e a gard茅 la peinture sur l'茅cran - dans son caf茅. il sera propos茅 脿 la vente aux ench猫res de la pologne le plus grand organisme de bienfaisance sur sunday.photos : le woodstock polonaisl'茅quipe du fmi-ue fait pression sur le gouvernement 脿 venir avec une date limite pour la vente des soci茅t茅s d'茅tat, y compris les actifs une participation dans le gouvernement esb.the a dress茅 une liste des actifs qui pourraient 锚tre vendus, mais l'茅quipe de sauvetage veut maintenant le gouvernement et ntma (national treasury management agency) - qui est charg茅 de la vente des actifs - afin de produire un plan de sauvetage des partenaires d茅taill茅es timeframe.the voulez ventes d'actifs d'une valeur de 5 m
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[/b]de l'espoir passionn茅 pour son succ猫s ne devrait pas nous aveugler sur la complexit茅 de sa situation. tout simplement parce que le chili peut effectivement 锚tre un mod猫le pour d'autres pays, nous devons regarder froidement et de fa莽on r茅aliste 脿 son exp茅rience.% aiithe touristique connaisseur de r茅volutions qui arrive 脿 santiago ces jours-ci manque l'atmosph猫re, difficile 脿 d茅finir mais facile 脿 reconna卯tre, de la populaire grande lib茅rations. mis 脿 part quelques 茅tudiants arm茅s, qui n'empi猫tent pas sur la sc猫ne de rue, il n'ya gu猫re de signes visibles de bouleversements, sauf dans les kiosques. il n'en est pas de cette explosion familier de brochures, d茅pliants, revues et petits: le contenu de la librairie ultra-gauche so
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[/b]in l'茅tude, la puce a tenu des doses de ce m茅dicament 脿 l'int茅rieur des puits minuscules qui sont herm茅tiquement ferm茅es au moyen d'une couche de nano-mince d'or. envoi d'un signal sans fil provoque l'or sur une base individuelle pour bien dissoudre, ce qui permet que la dose de diffuser dans la circulation sanguine, langer explained.more: brain control monkey: l'avenir de la robotique proth猫ses dans une proc茅dure doctor's-office, la puce a 茅t茅 implant茅e juste dessous de la taille en huit femmes atteintes d'ost茅oporose au danemark. test trouv茅 un micro-puce ne r茅pondait pas aux signaux. les sept autres femmes ont eu leurs implants programm茅s pour 茅mettre automatiquement une dose une fois par jour 脿 partir de huit semaines puces l
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[/b]sted dans: mots-cl茅s trading desk: nexen, chef de la direction, l'茅valuation, buzzard, marvin romanow, kevin reinhart, usan, turnaroundjonathan ratnerjratner @ nationalpost.comnext move artsregis philbin : un primetime talent au showat il n'aura pas 脿 se r茅veiller plus t么t anymore.by terri pous | novembre 28, 2011 | + tweetdavid livingston / gettyphilbin avec sa r茅cente autobiographie , 芦 how i got this way . ; la v茅rit茅 est , reege ne 鈥嬧€媠era jamais vraiment quitter la t茅l茅vision . philbin , l' ancien co -animateur de live! with regis and kelly , est de passer 脿 tard dans la nuit des p芒turages apr猫s son talk show le 18 novembre 脿 departure.according le new york post , regis philbin envisage de prendre 脿 la t茅l茅vision en p
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[/b]qu'il 茅tait heureux d'avoir l'occasion, mardi, pour clarifier un commentaire r茅cent dans lequel il est apparu 脿 pr茅tendre qu'il 茅tait le meilleur golfer.after du monde de finition runner-up 脿 phil mickelson au masters 脿 augusta, westwood a 茅t茅 cit茅 comme disant:. je joue le meilleur golf de quiconque il est difficile d'argumenter pour quelqu'un d'autre si vous 锚tes (le meilleur), vous pourriez aussi bien le dire. . il renforce la confiance. westwood a 茅t茅 interrog茅 sur ce commentaire lors d'une conf茅rence de presse ici en avant de quail cette semaine du championnat creux. j'ai 茅t茅 ici assez longtemps pour savoir que les choses se juste enroul茅 autour de peu 脿 des gens costume, le britannique a d茅clar茅 aux journalistes
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[/b]r les crimes de guerre des 茅tats-unis la responsabilit茅, r茅p ronald dellums, pr茅sident, avril 29, 1971 鈫? a % a% a% a% a% a% a% a% 7 a new republic, 13 f茅vrier, 1971; william beecher, du new york times 26 janvier, 1971. selon denis healey, arvn a d茅j脿 plus d'h茅licopt猫res que l'une des arm茅es de l'otan europ茅enne禄 (london times, 21 f茅vrier, 1971). 鈫? a% a% a% a% a% a% a% a% 8 a john w. finney, du new york times, le 4 mai 1971. un membre d'une 茅quipe d'exploitation des forces sp茅ciales dans le nord du laos 脿 partir de 1966 stipule qu'il ne voyait b-52 raids 脿 ce moment-l脿, et que survole la plaine des jarres en 1968, il a vu les ruines des villages dans un mod猫le de saturation b-52 de 750 livres bombes. je ne vais pas racon
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[/b]nautaires.une couche d'appr锚t sp茅cial avec jupe en dentelle , de la texture de coton calme, avec une combinaison en fourrure magnifique. m锚me une robe 脿 la mode . et comment puis-je eu moins chaud 茅l茅ments dentelles saison. combine les plus en vogue aujourd'hui classiques ugg , puff , vous 锚tes le devoir de signaler cette saison. tranquillement assis dans le caf茅 de bureau , . ont lev茅 leur verre , puis boire un verre de caf茅. tellement confortable . la fatigue d'un 锚tre n茅gligent. il suffit d'ajouter de petits morceaux de bottes ugg , vous pouvez facilement sortir. et茅 sera toujours li茅 脿 la couleur , de belles fleurs , des jupes, des shorts brillants petits , de couleur claire sac, avec l'ensemble de l'茅t茅 . et茅 sera toujours
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